Commercial Services

Expert real estate help can be the key to success whether you are looking to buy, sell, manage, appraise or lease commercial property. We provide real estate agents who have expert knowledge of our area and the current state of the real estate market. Our agents make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible by giving you the benefit of their experience, knowledge and resources.


Changing regulations, international competition, new technologies and a shortage of efficient cost-effective space – all of these challenges affect industrial users every day. Our experienced agents know the local marketplace and can help find the right property to fit your business needs.


Our commercial agents have first hand knowledge of our area. Their knowledge in land entitlement and disposition gives you a thorough understanding of the conditions in the local market, as well as local trends and regulations.


The increase in online commerce provides us with a great opportunity. Retail businesses large and small have adapted how they function to include multiple channels of retailing, both online and in-store. Our team will guide you in the search for a tenant/buyer or the right location that positions you for growth, stability, and profitability.


Over the last few years we have seen a large shift in the workforce. This has caused business owners to rethink the function and design of the workspace so that they can continue to draw in new employees to grow and promote their business. The office has become a fun, comfortable and inviting place where working together creatively and productively is natural. Our office is just like this, and we have the experience to guide you in this quickly evolving work environment.


A core strength of our team is the knowledge we have about underwriting of any investment property. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the local market and our hands-on experience in it. When the time is right for you, we also leverage all of our tools to help you acquire or get rid of commercial real estate.


The multifamily market has grown substantially in recent years due to the revitalization and new growth found in neighborhoods everywhere. Investors will appreciate the safe and stable characteristics of multifamily units, especially as the market continues to change. Our expert team has the resources to help you navigate the complexities of multifamily investments.